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$1000 (2)

Awarded annually since 1966 to two students who have excelled in the first year of the Horticulture Technician Program. 


 Recipients 2015 Laura Emeny & Yujing Ma
2012 Holly Trozzo & Elissa Sutton

2014 Sharri Honsberger & Anina Frick 2011 Erin Adams & Jeffrey Simpson  

Jaimi Uram & Eric Abram
Andrea Myers & Becky Smith



Awarded annually since 1999 to a continuing student in the Landscape Technician Program with an interest in landscape design and ornamental horticulture.


Recipients2014 Scott Ferguson 2011  James Fawcett
 2013 Alastair Hugli 2010  Debi McKellar
2012 Kaelin King


Awarded annually since 1952 to an outstanding student entering the fourth year of study in the Landscape Architecture Program with an interest in environmental horticulture or ornamental crop production.


Recipients 2013 Kate Hunter                         2010  Virginie Gysel
     2012 Michael Lennox  2009  Emily Hansen
  2011 Laura Paaren    



Awarded annually since 1966 to a second-year student enrolled in the Architectural Studies Bachelor of Arts program. 

Recipients 2015    Nicholas Gosselin  2012 Robin Heathcote
 2011   Hasheme Hosseini-Mousavi 
  2013     Matthew Perotto   
 2010 Yuda Yuo


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